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Digital Distribution

From the label portal to the stores, what you need to deliver your releases through to digital stores such as Apple Music and Spotify.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This section allows you to search FAQs from all sections in one place.  It’s a good starting point if you’re looking for an answer but you’re not sure where to find it.
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Fulfilment Services

A brief roundup of our D2C fulfilment options and how the procedures for each work.
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This section provides a brief explanation of some terms and acronyms that you may come across in the course of distributing your music.
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Kudos Label Tools & Guides

A collection of articles relating to kudos-powered and third-party marketing/promo tools for labels to manage and promote their catalogue.
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Label Manager Resources

Nothing to see here! This is a password protected area for Kudos employees.
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Physical Distribution

Vinyl LPs, 12″s, 7″s, CDs, Merch & more, from the warehouse to the shelves in the store.
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Popular Articles

This sections pulls some of our most popular articles into a single place for easy browsing.
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The Kudos Portal

Where it all begins! An insight into uploading your audio and artwork to processing royalty statements and extracting sales data.
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Useful Information for New Labels

If you’re just starting out with your label, we’ve compiled a few resources for you to mull over. Even if you’re an experienced veteran there may even be a couple of new bits of information for you in here.
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Digest Archive

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