Self-Billing Invoices (SBI)

These are your invoices to us for sales in a given month which Kudos generates on your behalf under a self-billing agreement.  Digital and Physical sales are invoiced separately and are usually available on the portal within the first 10 working days of the following month.  The date of publication may vary depending on the quantity and timing of the payments and statements we receive during the month and physical and digital invoices usually appear at different times.  Digital SBIs become payable after 30 days from invoice and physical SBIs are payable after 60 days.  Note that the invoiced date is always considered to be the final day of the accounting period so any delay in generating your invoices does not affect the payment schedule.

Self-Billing Invoices are important financial documents that you should print and file for you own records.  In order for us to generate them correctly, it’s extremely important that you inform us immediately of any changes to your invoicing address or VAT registration status.  Note that it is possible for SBIs to have a negative value should the value of returns be greater than sales in a particular month.

Digital SBIs

The SBI provides only basic sales totals and is not designed to be used for onward accounting.  A full breakdown of digital transactions is available in the Stats section of the portal.  For each SBI there are several links provided which take you directly to “Digital Statements” section with the appropriate accounting month selected.  The Raw Data report lists every single transaction and contains the maximum level detail but may be extremely large (often too large to open in many spreadsheet programs).  The other reports are built from exactly the same data but aggregate the data into fewer lines by grouping by artist, release etc. to make the data more manageable.  You may also wish to customise the Result Grouping options on the stats page to generate the level of detail you require.

Physical SBIs

The SBI document provides only basic sales totals by catalogue number.  A full breakdown of physical transactions is available in the Stats section of the portal.  Clicking on ‘breakdown’ takes you to the ‘stats’ section, with the appropriate month selected.


Here you will find any invoices we have raised against your record label for any services we have provided, such as manufacturing, stock requests, promo system, translations etc.


Here you will find a breakdown of payments we have made to you.  The Remittance advice details which SBIs and recharges are covered by this payment.  Payments are only triggered once the £50 payment threshold is reached so each payment may cover several months if your turnover is low or has been offset by large recharges.

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