An Introduction to Kudos Bandcamp Fulfilment Services

Kudos offers fulfillment services for labels who wish to use Bandcamp as part of their direct-to-consumer sales strategy.  We recognise that Bandcamp addresses specific needs for different labels, so we offer two service options – a fulfilment only option and a full distribution option.  Below are outlines of how each option operates, along with an outline of the pros and cons of each from a label’s perspective.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will retain full access to your Bandcamp account and have control over presentation, reporting and social interaction etc.  Which configuration works best for your label may depend on a number of factors such as where your label is based, whether or not you are VAT registered and what method you use to handle your onward artist royalty accounting.

Our fulfilment service can be activated for any existing Bandcamp store or you can create a brand new one.  Your store may be upgraded to a “Bandcamp for Labels” account, allowing you to manage multiple artists from a single account and access additional tools.

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