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Many online music services offer ways for artists to control the presentation of their artist pages and/or directly interact with their users.  Some artist programs also offer access to analytics data and insights into fan demographics etc. that may be useful when planning promotional campaigns and tours etc. 

In order to maximise the visibility of your releases on these services we strongly recommend that labels facilitate and encourage their artists to create maintain artist profiles on as many of these services as possible.

In most cases these services can be accessed directly by artists through a simple sign-up form.  Below is a a list of programs that are currently available to artists and details of how to apply for them.

Spotify for Artists

Designed to help artists and their teams get the most out of Spotify. Control how listeners see you on Spotify. Update your bio, share your playlists, promote your music all from one place.”


Spotify for Artists lets artists and their teams access analytics as well as tools to manage the presentation of their Spotify artist page. Artist pages that have been claimed through SfA are indicated by the ‘blue tick’.

To claim a profile you’ll need a Spotify account (a free one is fine). The artist page will be permanently tied to whichever account is used to submit the application so it’s wise to use an account that has been created for this purpose (pick a username that matches the artist name). It’s best practice for the artist to claim the profile themselves. Once approved, the artist is then able to invite other ‘team members’ so that label, management etc. can also access the page.

Apple Music for Artists

Everything you need to understand your music’s impact across Apple Music and iTunes.

Apple Music

TIDAL Artist Home

Show up for your fans the way you want to on TIDAL. With TIDAL Artist Home, you can claim your artist profile and customize key details like your profile image, bio, and social links.

Artists can apply for access at the link below. It is advised that artists apply directly. Once the account is created, additional users can be invited under their respective roles – including a specific one for “label”.

Amazon Music for Artists

Amazon for Artists is accessed through a dedicated app – available for iOS and Android. The app allows the artist and their team to see streaming performance analytics. Unique to AMfA is a page that provides insight into how users are finding your artist’s music using voice devices.

The process for requesting access to an artist account is also managed entirely within the app so you must first download and install to your device. You will need to sign in with an Amazon account. You may wish to create a new one for this purpose rather than linking to your existing personal account. Complete and submit the form in the app to request access to an artist.

Once Amazon approves the application you’ll receive confirmation by email. You will then be set as an admin for the artist and be able to access the artist’s data. Additional team members can be invited with admin or viewer access levels. Once the artist profile has been claimed anyone else that needs access should request this directly from the admin user rather than using the form.

For labels wishing to request access to a roster of more than 5 artists in bulk, there is a separate process available. Ask your account manager for more information.

YouTube Official Artist Pages

YouTube Official Artist Pages are indicated by the musical note icon.

YouTube Official Artist Pages were introduced with the YouTube Music subscription service. They essentially group an artist’s existing YouTube channel together with their artist profile on YouTube Music and their artistVEVO channel (if applicable) so that all of the artists content can be displayed in one place. Subscribers/followers are also merged to create a common subscriber base across the entire Google/YouTube platform.

YouTube Official Artist Channels are indicated by a musical note icon and are given a specific channel layout – displaying the artist’s releases alongside their uploaded videos. You can find out more about YTOAC here.

To be eligible your artist must:
• Own and operate a YouTube channel that represents a single artist or band
• Have at least 3 official releases on YouTube Music delivered by Kudos or another distributor
• Have no policy violations on their channel
• Have at least 1 Official Music Video (or video generated by the Kudos portal) on a channel partnered with Kudos for monetisation.

TikTok Artist Accounts

Artists must first set up a normal TikTok profile, add their bio and link their other social profiles. Note that TikTok recommends that artists and labels do not use Business accounts as only regular “Creator” accounts are able to access the official music library (in order to post their own official music sounds).

To be eligible for an Artist Account the artist must;

  • Have posted at least 3 videos to their TikTok profile
  • Have at least 3 tracks available on TikTok and also on major Digital Music Services (Spotify etc.)
  • Have at least 100 TikTok creations (uses of their music on user videos).

If an artist believes that they meet the eligibility criteria, they an apply for an artist account in-app by clicking on the following the link below from their mobile device. It takes around 1 week to be process and the artist will need to verify their identity (usually by proving they have access to the associated Spotify for Artists page).

Once the artist account is activated, this will enable a number of music related features on the account, including a Music Tab on their profile (where new music will be highlighted), A special Artist Follow feature and the ability for users to add your tracks to their Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music library directly from the TikTok App.

Artists may also wish to follow the TikTok Artist Playbook for ideas and best practices for on how to leverage TikTok for music promotion.

Deezer Backstage

Artists and labels can apply for access to Deezer Backstage which offers analytics and artist profile customisation. To sign up as a label you will need to enter the UPCs for two products that bear your label name which have been delivered by Kudos to Deezer.

Beatport Artists

Artist profiles are created automatically when releases have been delivered to Beatport. You’re able to update information on the page using the form below.

Traxsource Entity Accounts

Labels that have music available on this specialist electronic music download store can apply for a Traxsource entity account to manage artists and label profiles, edit page biographies, press images and publish DJ Charts on the site.

Juno Download Bio & Press Shots

If you have digital releases available on Juno Download, you can request to add your press shot or label logo and a short bio using the form below. This will help anyone familiarise themselves with your label and artists when viewing your releases.

Jaxsta Pro

Jaxsta is a standalone music credits database. Their Pro subscription tier allows any artist, label, songwriter (or any other credited contributor) to take ownership of their profile and access additional features. Unlike the others on this page it’s not directly linked to any particular digital music service – but Jaxsta allows commercial partners to buy their data for use in their own apps and websites. Use of the Pro tier requires a subscription but there’s a discount code available to friends of Kudos.

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