Beatport Hype


Beatport HYPE is a promotional platform for new and emerging labels. it is only available to labels earning less than $3000 annually through the Beatport store.

The service is designed to give smaller labels the chance to be prominently featured on the Beatport home page and genre pages – with dedicated banners and charts for releases from HYPE labels appearing alongside the main charts (which are generally dominated by big label releases).

Because a lot of consumption on Beatport is driven by the charts and recommendations, releases that are featured in these spots tend to see an uplift in sales. Beatport claim that labels subscribed to HYPE see an average 70% increase.


Labels must have earned less than $3000 USD in the previous 12 months. Labels cease to be eligible for HYPE charts once their sales increase above this threshold.

Beatport charge a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 USD to join the Beatport HYPE program.


For more info and to sign up:

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