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Fulfilment and Label Stock Request Movement Charges

Any stock movements made at the labels request will be charged based on total quantity. The charge will be based on an Order Fee and a per-unit charge. Each dispatch will be considered as a separate order (i.e. where you ask us to send stock to 5 different addresses, these will be charged as separate orders).

DescriptionOrder FeePer Unit
Orders of up to 25 units£2.50£0.50
Orders of 26+ Units£5.00£0.25
Full Carton – Single SKU “lick and stick” (charged per carton)£20.00n/a


DescriptionOrder FeeUnit FeeTotal
Stock request for 8 units (same or various SKUs)£2.508 x £0.50£6.50
Stock request for 50 units (same or various SKUs)£5.0050 x £0.25£17.50
Stock request for 2 Full Cartons (e.g. 100 units of a single SKU)2 x £20.00N/A£40.00

Post and Packing will be charged at our standard P&P rates (Royal Mail or UPS, depending on weight). 

Gig Stock

Note that in the past we have charged different rates based on whether the stock was intended for promotional use or for re-sale (i.e. gig stock). We no longer make this distinction – so all stock movements will be charged on the same basis. 

Avoiding Stock Movement Charges

The best way to avoid stock movement and storage charges is to ensure we have an appropriate amount of stock for each release.  Please speak to your label manager before shipping us any goods for distribution.

Barcode Stickering

A charge of £0.15 per unit will apply to all stock received that does not display a valid barcode.
If you wish to avoid this charge we are happy to provide reasonable quantities of barcode stickers which you can apply yourself (we will charge only for the cost of posting the stickers to you).

Sleeving / Re-working

Any re-sleeving, stamping, stickering, de-shrinking etc. prior to D2C dispatch (on request) or other additional stock processing will be subject to a charge of £0.15 per process, per unit.

For example, to de-shrink and re-sleeve 100 units would incur a total charge of £30.00.

Any other re-working will be quoted separately on an hourly rate.

Bundle Collating / Liquidating

Bundle creation (i.e. creating a new item by combining existing items from your catalogue – typically for the purpose of making available on Bandcamp or other D2C platforms) will incur a picking and collation cost of £0.25 per bundle item.

For example, the cost to create 10 bundles of 3 x 12” would be 10 x 3 x £0.25 = £7.50

Note that bundled items will be allocated a separate picking location in our warehouse and must have an SKU assigned on the portal.  Where bundles need to be liquidated (separated back to their constituent items) this will be charges on the same basis.

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