Content Disputes & Copyright Infringements

The following information should be helpful if you have an issue with a copyright infringement on a commercial release such as…

  • A bootleg version of your release or an unauthorised remix/re-edit
  • A track included on a third-party compilation without a license
  • A track containing a sample of your sound recording where no license or permission has been granted
  • A release which makes use of your registered trademark without authorisation

If you come across a case where you think your rights may have been infringed, you may be able to easily identify the label behind the release as this is displayed on most music services.  Often the quickest way to resolve these kinds of issues is to find contact details for that label and contact them directly.

If you’re unable to find a way to contact the label, or you do not receive a satisfactory response, you may wish to report the infringing product(s) to the relevant digital music services.  Most of the larger services have online forms available for this purpose:

When you report an infringement, the store will notify whoever supplied the release and contact details will be provided so that you can discuss the issue with the other party and come to a resolution.  It’s therefore not usually necessary to raise the dispute with each individual music service.

If you require legal advice regarding copyrights and licensing issues you should consult with a qualified lawyer.


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