Extracting Sales Data

While the various selectors and filters on our ‘stats’ interface are useful for drilling down to specific bits of sales data, it is all too easy to construct a selection of filters which can give unintentional results. The BEST way to extract data that is accurate and matches with your SBIs and payments is to download a CSV of a whole month’s sales (physical or digital).

Go to the accounts section and select either Physical or Digital SBIs

Select Breakdown for the month you wish to download

Select the green ‘download’ icon at the top right of the breakdown screen.

The resulting CSV gives you a transaction by transaction breakdown of every sale in that time period. This can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Digital Self Billing Invoices

This is your actual self billing invoice for your accounts. It will give you a very brief overview of your monthly SBI, with artist splits and an overall total. 

Artist Report

An artist report for that specific month will be pulled from the stats page. Similarly split by artist but with a slight more detail and the ability to sort by values.

Release Report

This will produce a report similar to above but broken down by the releases accounted for in the SBI period. 

Detailed Breakdown

This report will contain a detailed breakdown of stats grouped by release, track, country and sales type.

Raw Data

#nofilter – more complex to look at but useful to export to CSV and use as you wish. You can use grouping to aggregate large data sets into fewer lines and/or you can apply filters or a smaller date range to limit the scope of the results. For accounting purposes you are advised to work from unfiltered data.


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