Fulfilment FAQ

When will my digital release be delivered to Bandcamp?

We give Bandcamp a 4 week lead time in line with the default pre-order date.

What prices should I set for shipping?

These are our recommended postage settings:

Region Format 1st Item Additional Items
UK 12″ £3.50 £0.50
CD / 7″ £1.75 £0.25
Europe 12″ £4.50 £1.90
CD / 7″ £2.75 £0.75
Rest of World 12″ £5.50 £3.25
CD / 7″ £3.50 £1.50

What editorial / marketing options are available?

We also pitch to Bandcamp for inclusion as part of their Bandcamp Weekly podcast where new and old releases are featured. Please note, if your release is in pre-order status – you will need to add a track as instant grat with streaming available in order to be included for consideration. This is only available for labels on the distribution option as we would have delivered your digital release.

What do I need to set my stock levels to?

You don’t. As long as the SKUs match, stock levels are synced with the amount available in the warehouse. If you want to enable preorders for an item before the stock has arrived at the warehouse, please contact your label manager to commence a pending goods in transaction.

A customer didn’t receive their item / had bought an item and it has returned to you / has a query

If you are on the distribution option – please forward any queries or issues you receive to bandcamp@support.kudosdistribution.co.uk.

If you are on the fulfilment only option – you will be responsible for any customer queries and collecting payment for reshipping. Carraige will be recharged to your label for reshipments at the suggested shipping cost listed above.

It’s release day! Will the Bandcamp preorder release itself?

This is still a manual process for Bandcamp – however, we are notified of a release that we have delivered to Bandcamp digitally and to release the preorder as a reminder on the day of release. If you manage to get there before us, feel free to release it.




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