Non-Mint Returns Procedure


We regularly receive returns in a condition that makes them unsuitable for resale – at least by the current, Discogs-obsessed standards. The types of faults range from compressed spines, corner bumps, dinked sleeves or seam splits. In the past these may have been returned to stock, but this just causes problems later when those final units are ordered and the only stock on hand is damaged or faulty.

In order to streamline and standardise our procedures for dealing with these non-mint returns, we will no longer return them into the available stock or retain them indefinitely in our warehouse. Instead, labels can set a preference for which policy they would Kudos to apply when processing non-mint returns.

Non-Mint Returns Policies

Labels can select one of the following policies;

  1. Post – We will keep your returns until they total at least 10 units. At that point we will ship these returns to your default shipping address at £0.25 per unit plus shipping cost.
  2. Destroy – We will dispose of faulty returned stock free-of charge. You will be able to see these listed on your statement as sales to Faulty & Not For Sale Stock at zero value.

Labels are asked to submit their preference by completing the following form;

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