Physical Marketing Opportunities


Some retailers offer paid-for in-store, online and/or print marketing and merchandising opportunities which Kudos can arrange on behalf of your label.  Below is a brief overview of the packages available.  If you are interested in any of these services contact your label manager at Kudos who will discuss which options are best suited to your budget.  Please note that these prices are subject to regular change and the information here is intended 

  • In-store racking in ‘HMV Recommends’ section + print advert in Mojo/Mixmag  (requires 150+ units on consignment)
  • Fopp list booklet, in-store racking + advert in Uncut.  (100+ units on consignment)
  • New release or re-issue in-store racking + review  (24+ units on consignment)

9 stores nationwide (Edinburgh, Glasgow x2, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, London, Nottingham, Manchester).  New releases should retail for under £10 (except double CD/Vinyl) to be eligible for Fopp merchandising.  Reviews can be supplied by label or written by Fopp.

Rough Trade

  • Listening Post: Available in Rough Trade East on a 2 week rotation  (10+ units on SoR)

Rough Trade have various other opportunities across their four stores (East & West London, Bristol & Nottingham) ranging from £150 to £1500+.  Information about these packages is available from your label manager on request.

Joint Rough Trade & Fopp Package

  • Fopp New Release racking plus Rough Trade East Listening Post available at discounted rate of just £100.


  • Amazon Marketing Services: Pay-per-click on-store banners and promoted listings etc. which can be targeted based on keywords, search terms, similar artists etc. charged on a bid-for basis (similar to  Google or Facebook Ads) to a give budget or daily quota.

For prices or further details please speak to your label manager or email

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