News this week involvesĀ a short round-up of new digital services & partners. With the likes of Spotify & Apple grabbing all of the headlines recently, we thought we should mention some of the smaller services (covering territories including pan-Asia, Australia, Africa and Russia) that we have recently rolled out integrations with.


Last week, Kudos celebrated 25 years of trading. We wrote this short blog post. We are only as good as the labels we distribute, so thank-you for all your support!

Our new Bandcamp fulfillment services, which we launched a few weeks ago, are proving popular with labels. If you don’t already have a Bandcamp presence, or if you do but would like to spend less of your time in Post Office queues, you should check them out. “The “Full Distribution” option includes setting up all your releases via the Kudos Label Portal, so providing a complete turnkey solution. You can find out more here.

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