Shipping Goods to Kudos from Overseas


When shipping goods to Kudos from the EU, USA or other regions outside the United Kingdom, your shipment will need to be cleared through customs. Vinyl and CDs do not attract duty. However, it is extremely important to make sure your shipment is accompanied by complete and accurate paperwork. Where goods are not declared correctly this may incur fees. Where Kudos pays customs clearance or similar fees on your behalf, the cost will be re-charged to you.

Please refer to the information below regarding some of the information which must be present on your paperwork.

Non-UK labels shipping stock to the UK for distribution.

Please include the following information on your commercial invoices and shipping paperwork. You may wish to use the template provided below.

  • Our EORI number: GB538978281000
  • Our VAT number: GB538 9782 81
  • Your EORI number (EU Companies Only)
  • The Tariff codes for each line item;
  • The Country of Origin for each line item showing where the stock was manufactured.

UK Labels shipping stock manufactured in the EU to the UK 

Most labels use a broker to handle logistics for manufacturing in the EU. However, if you have a direct deal with a European plant please DO NOT use our EORI or VAT numbers as you are the importer of these goods.  Use your EORI and VAT details for clearance and use our address as the “ship to” address.

Minimising Clearance Charges

If you dispatch items to us using standard mail services it will likely be delivered in the UK by Parcelforce. That will probably result in a customs clearance fee charged at £12 per carton. This is actually a very competitive rate provided that your shipment is only one or two boxes. However, for any larger shipments you will probably find lower fees using either an international courier like UPS or a freight forwarder.

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