Shipping Goods to Kudos from Europe post Brexit

Like most companies in the UK, we are still working out the correct protocols for shipping goods to and from the EU.  Here is some current guidance, though this is subject to change as we learn more.  

Overseas based labels shipping stock to the UK for distribution.

Please include the following information on your commercial invoices and shipping paperwork

  • Our EORI number GB538978281000.
  • Our VAT number GB538 9782 81
  • Your EORI number (not required for labels outside the EU) 
  • Tariff codes for each line item
    • Vinyl – 85238090
    • CD – 85234920
  • Country of Origin Code for each line item showing where the stock was manufactured. 

UK Labels shipping stock manufactured in the EU to the UK 

Many of you probably use a broker to handle logistics if you manufacture in the EU, but if you do have a direct deal with a European plant please DO NOT use our EORI or VAT numbers as You are the importer of these goods.  Use your EORI and VAT details for clearance, but our address as the “ship to” address.  

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