Digital Statements

Here you will find sales breakdowns based on actual digital statements. These stats are historic by nature. For example, we don’t receive January download/streaming statements from DMS until late February (at the earliest). These sales will be part of March or April’s accounting to you. Also, some DMS account to us quarterly and others will account to us only once a revenue threshold has been reached.

When selecting the time span for your digital stats you can choose either “Kudos date” or “sales date”.  The “Kudos date” is the accounting month of the sales statement, whereas the “sales date” is the actual date when the consumer purchased/streamed your music. In the above example, January is the sales date while March is the Kudos date. Always use “Kudos date” if you wish to audit sales back to your actual accounting.

Digital Trends

Here you will find “real time” reports. Currently these are only provided by iTunes and Juno, but more will be added in due course. These are not ‘confirmed’ sales, so should always be taken only as a guide to current demand.


Same as for “Digital Sales”, but for physical sales.


This shows a complete reconciliation of the stock we currently hold.

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