Storage Charges and Warehousing


Due the limited amount of space available in our Kentish Town warehouse, we have to offload stock when it becomes surplus to requirements to clear the capacity processing new releases.

We have additional capacity for carton storage through an arrangement with a fulfilment centre in East Sussex. We regularly transfer stock to and from here as required to optimise the space in our Kentish Town warehouse.

Surplus Stock (“Overstocks”)

We calculate our current stock requirements based on the age of a release and its recent sales history. Where we have more units in stock than we need, the excess units are considered “overstocks”.

You can view your stock holding in the stats section of the portal which displays your surplus stock figures.

A nominal charge of two pence (£0.02) per unit per month applies to overstock quantities. Labels are advised to regularly review their stock-holding in order to minimise or avoid charges by requesting to collect or destroy their surplus stock. Labels should also discuss initial quantities with their label manager before supplying stock to ensure that the quantity we receive reflects the expected demand.

Surplus Stock Storage Charging Policy

Free Storage Period

There will be no charge during the first five calendar months of release for any title.

Surplus Stock Calculation

From the end of month six, any stock stored at Kudos in excess of sales for the preceding six months will be considered surplus stock (“overstocks”).

Surplus Stock Charge

We charge 2p per unit per month for surplus stock storage.

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