The Release Timetable

Here is a typical timeline;

For all releases, complete B2B and B2C sales notes on the portal. Ideally complete metadata in the portal if you are in a position to set a firm release date.

Time Before Release

12 weeks +
Start manufacturing, commence setting up release on portal but DON’T set a release date at this stage. If this is a HIGH PRIORITY ALBUM release (sales expectation of 2,000+) arrange a meeting with label manager to discuss marketing opportunities etc.

8 weeks
For album release, physical promos to your Kudos label manager.

4 weeks
All metadata MUST be complete on the portal. Final opportunity to revise sales notes, reactions and set a release date. (25 days before the release date).

25 days
Mid day on the Friday 3 weeks before the release is the final deadline to set your release date.

11 days
Finished stock must be delivered to Kudos warehouse, otherwise release date will be put back.

7 days
UK telesales cycle starts.

Please try to avoid setting a release date until you know, with a fair degree of certainty, that you can meet this date. For digital only releases, we do have the option of rushing out deliveries for release to go live as soon as possible however by doing this you waive any potential for marketing/placement opportunities on the stores.

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