Kudos Welcomes Kira

We’re delighted to welcome a new member to our team at Kudos.  Having previously worked at ColdCuts // Hotwax, Kira will be taking over from Beth – managing our social media channels and working with labels on advertising campaigns and marketing.

Sales & Label Manager Reshuffle

With Kira now covering socials, Beth will be moving full time into a Sales and Label management role, taking over from Luke who will now be concentrating on other areas of the business.

Vinyl Crisis

You will all, no doubt, be aware of current supply side crises in the world of vinyl manufacturing.  Turnaround times show no sign of improving, while the price of raw materials continues to increase.  The cost of PVC has increased 50% since 2020, with further increases imminent.

The upshot of this is that we have had to pass on an immediate price rise.  We have also been informed that the final price of all manufacturing orders will be based on our plant’s published prices at the point of delivery, NOT at the point at which we place the order.  We are still happy to provide quotes for new jobs, but you will need to factor in a margin to cover possible price increases that may occur between order and delivery.

Physical Product Images

For releases that have at least one physical format present, you now have the option to upload up to three product photos and/or mockups images on the formats tab.  These images can be used to illustrate your packaging and artwork etc. and will be made available on our B2B & D2C facing services.  These are in addition to the square cover image – which will still be used as the primary visual for the release across our systems.

Brexit Webinar: EU VAT For D2C

Join us tomorrow for the VAT Webinar hosted by AIM . From 1 July 2021 all commercial goods, including physical music and merch, imported into the EU from the UK will be subject to VAT and there will be a new EU Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) system to handle VAT payment and reporting. This is a big change since, until now, no import VAT had to be paid for CDs, vinyl, merch, etc. sold D2C up to the value of EUR 22 (or less in some countries).

After 1 July, the platform through which you’re selling goods into the EU will be principally liable for the payment of VAT, but the seller is ultimately liable so make sure you’re clear on the new rules, especially if you’re operating your own webstore. This session will help you understand what this means for your business dealings and how to handle the new procedure.


The impact of the vinyl production crisis on indie artists

We, amongst others in the industry, were recently invited to contribute our thoughts on the current state of manufacturing delays caused Covid-19, RSD and other variant related issues.

YouTube Channel Optimisation Guide

With over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, YouTube is one of the most important online video sharing and social media platforms. It is a key part of the music marketing ecosystem in addition to being an increasingly significant source of subscription streaming revenue – but it is often overlooked in label marketing strategies. To help you get the most from your label and artist channels, Beth has added a new article to the knowledgebase covering the basic steps you should take to knock your channels and videos into shape. Find the article here.

Artist Location Info in Sales Notes

With curatorial programming on digital music services becoming increasingly localised and tailored for the individual user, an artist’s home location (or other cities/countries of particular relevance for the artist) can be an important factor in deciding where a release might achieve visibility or playlist placements etc. Please bear this in mind when entering your sales notes. It’s useful to have this information available when we come to pitch your releases.

EU VAT Changes on D2C Sales

Major changes to EU VAT implemented on July 1st 2021 dramatically altered the rules around sales taxes on physical goods destined for EU-based customers. This included the abolition of the low value consignment relief threshold which previously allowed the majority of D2C vinyl and CD orders shipped from the UK to enter the EU without attracting EU VAT.

Under the new rules, consignments of any value are subject to VAT at the rate determined by the destination country. However, for consignments valued under 150 EUR, a new scheme (IOSS) allows the VAT to be collected by the seller at the checkout and paid directly to the relevant tax authority (much like domestic sales), rather than having the customer receive an unexpected bill at the point of delivery.

We’re pleased to announce that EU sales made through kudosrecords.co.uk are now compliant with the IOSS scheme – allowing EU customers to receive their orders hassle-free.

For sales made through marketplaces like Bandcamp and Discogs, the marketplace itself now bears the legal responsibility for calculating, collecting and remitting VAT on EU-bound orders rather than the individual seller. However, as it stands, although Bandcamp and Discogs have each made changes to their systems in readiness for IOSS – and have begun collecting VAT from EU customers – neither has actually managed to complete their registration for the IOSS scheme yet. It’s therefore unclear whether orders processed through those sites can currently be shipped without attracting fees and taxes on the way to the customer. We are keeping our eye on the situation and orders fulfilled by Kudos will be handled appropriately to minimise customer service issues. If you self-fulfil D2C orders made through your own websites, via Bandcamp and/or any other marketplace, we strongly advise you to familiarise yourself with the recent changes and understand how you and your customers may be impacted.


Spotify & Apple Music “HiFi” Announcements

This year has seen a few announcements about audio enhancements on popular streaming services. Back in February, Spotify announced that it would soon be launching a ‘HiFi’ subscription tier giving access to lossless audio streaming. Now Apple have announced that they will soon be making lossless audio available to existing Apple Music subscribers – and will also be supporting Dolby Atmos mixes on compatible hardware. Of course, services such as Qobuz and Tidal have offered a lossless audio option for some time but this is new territory for The Big Two.

Because Kudos always delivers your releases in the highest quality possible, your music is already set up for lossless playback on Spotify and Apple. Please remember when setting up your releases to upload 24 bit audio if possible so that your releases can be made available in high-resolution as well.

Facebook Spotify Integration

A new Spotify mini-player has now been integrated into Facebook that allows logged-in Spotify users to play full-track audio directly from a post. Because these plays are monetised through Spotify just like any other stream, it offers a great way for labels, artists and fans to share and promote tracks in a way that combines a good user experience on Facebook with effective monetisation. More information here.

Physical Product Variants

Sometimes physical releases are manufactured in multiple versions (alternate colourways, multi-disc editions etc.). However, unless these are set up for distribution with distinct product identifiers it can often be difficult for shops to differentiate between them when ordering stock.

We have added an article with guidance on setting up physical product variants on the portal here.


Lyrics on Digital Services

Lyrics have become an important aspect of online music consumption. They are used in a variety of ways to increase fan engagement and aid discovery. We have added an article to the knowledgebase to offer some guidance on how they work.


Instrumental Tracks

When setting up your products in the portal, please take care to set the content type as Instrumental for any track which does not contain lyrical content. This information is very important for streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify and deliveries can be rejected if this is not set correctly – potentially causing missed release dates. Also, because there is no language to consider, instrumental tracks are more likely to be recommended to a global audience and there are many playlists dedicated to instrumental music – so it is important to get it right!

Label Features

If you follow our socials (which you should) you may have seen a number of Label Focus features that we’ve added to our website in recent months to highlight some of our distributed labels and tell their stories. You can while away the lockdown by reading through all the past ones here. We plan to continue these as a regular feature so if you’d like your label to be considered for a future article, drop a line to social@kudosrecords.co.uk



Pandora Artist Marketing Platform (AMP)

Pandora offers a number of marketing tools through their Artist Marketing Platform which are absolutely free to use. With over 64 million monthly active users, you should consider taking advantage of the these tools to reach and grow your audience in the US with zero cost.

What’s particularly interesting about the Pandora AMP platform is that it allows you to promote off-platform – to advertise physical merchandise or upcoming tours etc. Though note that you’re not allowed to link to a competing streaming service.

Shipping Goods to Kudos from Europe post Brexit

Last month we mentioned details for shipping goods to us from Europe – if you are needing a reminder of the extras now required please check the link below.

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