Spotify Pre-Save

What is a Pre-Save?

Our Spotify Pre-Save function is a little bit like a pre-order for streaming.  It provides a landing page for your upcoming titles where you can direct users from social media etc. as part of your pre-release promotion – just as you would link to an iTunes or Beatport pre-order page for downloads.

Your pre-save link will be live during the pre-order period for any releases that are enabled for distribution to Spotify.  You can access it using the URL{cat_number}.  Alternatively, you can share the default landing page – the Spotify button will appear along with any other available pre-order options.  If someone clicks a pre-save link after the release date, they are redirected to the live product on Spotify.

How Does it Work?

When a user lands on the page, they see the release information, artwork and a button to enable the pre-save.  The user is then prompted to authorise this by signing in to their Spotify account.  Then, on the release date, your bundle will be added to the user’s Spotify library automatically.  They will also receive an email to remind them that your release is now available and give them a nudge to have a listen.


Your tracks are also added to their “Pre-Saves” playlist.  This makes it easier to find but, more importantly, it means that if the user has enabled download-to-device for their Pre-Save playlist, the tracks will be cached to their device as soon as they are added.

Why Should I Use Pre-Save?

Pre-Save is a useful function for the user but it also works well from a label and artist perspective as it helps to drive streaming activity on and around the release day.  Spotify uses huge amounts of data analysis to manage both their algorithmic and curated playlists and when tracks are added to user libraries and playlists, these are strong indications to their systems that listeners like the music.  So the more often this happens, the more likely it is that your tracks will be recommended to other Spotify users, helping to grow your audience (and therefore revenue) on this service.

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